Tuesday, September 08, 2009

OBAMA + School = Socialism (WTF)

I did not support Obama when he was running and damn sure did not support that senile old man and that nutty side kick of his.
Anyway, I am still trying to figure out why parents believe the Obama's speech is bad. The first person of color to reach the highest office in this country would like to tell kids stay in school and learn from your failures.People are against it???? WTF!!!!! Against kids writing the president??? WTF???
It is okay for schools to allow fast foods to post in the facilities and athletes to give pep talks but the main man of this country gets no love???
It is quite clear why USA is no longer the shinning example....
Let Me Know What is Wrong With Obama Talking To Your Child When The King Of Linguistics (BUSH II) The Pillar Of Common SENSE Was Allowed To Speak WITHOUT A BLEEP..
Personally I do not mind my child thinking Obama cool.. What I do have a problem with is parents missing open night at school to attend a football game.
Anyway listen and let me know what I missed....

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