Sunday, April 29, 2007

Black Greeks Inspiration from School Daze

"Darkness is a lack of information
that results in enslavement to fear,
and fear manifests in disharmony
in the physical world." - annonymous

I never understood why a group of black folk use mimic other people and culture then try to put a spin on it. I know about the ancient Kemites/Afrikans/Egyptians teachings which was mislabeled “Mystery System.” The Greeks (world’s first Europeans) who went to Kemet to study at the world’s first university known as the Temple of Waset in the B.C. The Greeks called this Afrikan/Kemitic system the “Egyptian Mysteries” because it was a ‘mystery’ to them, not the Kemites.
This ancient Egyptian spiritual system evolved over 1,200 years and/or 50 generations. This system and way of life predates the highly organized groups of the Roman Empire or the Roman Collegia.
Africa and her people are rich historically although people may not see it. I just do not get it because screaming I am a Greek when in fact they should be looking at an organization with a cultural identity similar to theirs.

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