Monday, April 09, 2007

Roots 30 years later

I had a nice post to commemorate one of the greatest events in Black America. That is until I saw this particular picture while web surfing. I know the picture is two years old but the picture still threw me. Today I realize that my generation(70's children)and those afterwards never got the true impact that it made.
I have read the book, saw the movie and been to Henning, TN were the Alex Hailey museum is. It still boggles my mind what my ancestors went through. To be taken from your family by force and put through an ordeal of humiliation and torture. Eventually finding yourself in chains watching families separated or being bred like cattle. Whipped, forced to eat the vilest of foods and eventually your cultural identity is stripped and the proud history that you had is lost in the matrix.
I beg everyone to watch Roots and read the book because it is a American story that strips away the romantic image of immigrants and Ellis Island.
Back to this sorry "sob"
His remark about the picture is
"We don't see a problem with it," Richards said before referencing the Roots character that haunted his mother when she saw the photo. "Kunta Kinte — that was over 300 years ago."
Wonder if he still feels like that, I can care less about him being with a white girl, it is the comment and the picture in general. Two years later and I wonder if he has second thoughts about it. I hope so and if not well damn... We need the Drop Squad.
Parents you can prevent garbage such as this from happening, you gotta know your past because you are destine to repeat it. What kind of metaphore do think the prison system is. Young blacks are falling back into slavery because they do not know who they are in terms of self and culture.

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