Saturday, December 08, 2007

Black Teens Assaulted A White Woman

Baltimore a young white woman(Sarah Kreager) her boyfriend were assaulted by black teens (nine were arrested). The lady says she did not do anything and the teens report that Sarah was the instigator and drop the "N" word. The black and picture is all I can find and to be honest I do not believe I could look at the color one again.
It amazes me that kids are capable of doing something so vile. The kids beat this lady to the brink of expiring.
Not going to pass judgment.. Just waiting to see the plot unfold.
I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the march to take place because we need to save these kids from being tried unjustly. besides Jena Six set the pace. If those nine were white and the lady black I bet CNN would beat this story to death. Nah... The kids were the victims and broken facial bones, damaged eye muscles, and deep lacerations on her head, neck and back were Sarah's fault. Those kids are a product and no one is to blame.
We need to check our kids and ourselves because this garbage is going to continue and it would not surprise me if the next time this happens the victim will have a gun.....


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