Friday, December 21, 2007

War Story

I survived 5 weeks in Dante's Divine Comedy aka long substitute teaching assignment. I came to the realization that I am a sadist.. It has been pure chaos with no order in site.
14 year old boys in the seventh grade should not be allowed. That is back door pedophilia, any way teaching reading to a bunch of wanna be gangsta niggers is annoying and sad.
The past five weeks I have taught very little because I am force to be a police officer first.
Kids that are on a fifth grade level or lower that could not tell me what is a bibliography or a content page. By the way I did not know a adverb names a person, place or thing.
I have spent the better half of my time planning on a way to get my hands on Bush because this no child left behind is some sort of drug induced plan. I believe we need to piss test the president because.... No Child Left Behind is insane!!
Having a 14 year old in the seventh grade that has no clue is a reoccurring event. Why pass the kid if he/she cannot function? Find a trade and transfer them over because normal academics is not working.
My black kids are lost, stuck on repping a street MY TAX DOLLARS cover for them to hang out on and do god knows what.
The black kids are bused in and they fail to understand the concept of networking. The poor whites are lost as well but they spend most of their time harshly criticizing themselves by stating " I am dumb" The ones with money are split both black and white... They either pretend to be "down" or they understand the dynamics and study....
What is the solution for education? Return to the hard knocks and start laying down the law. If a child acts up tell them take their butts home and not return without their parents and a back hand to those that jump in your face. May sound harsh but cold is what they will get on the streets if they fail to graduate. It is better to do it now than have my TAX dollars cover them later.

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