Tuesday, April 08, 2008

real-life superhero

I have been made sick with all the craziness in the media. While browsing for some sanity I ran across what is term "real-life superhero". They are real people playing super hero while wearing some sort of costume that relates to their hero persona.... NO LIE!!!!! At first I was laughing hysterically and then it hit me after I read Super Hero Manifesto (http://www.supersquad.org/?page_id=16)... I was feeling better after reading about Capital City Super Hero Squad.

Oddly enough I agree with Captain Prospect when he said "Of course it was a harsh reality to grow up to discover there are no real superheroes or superteams. Perhaps it’s ridiculous that I held on to these childhood dreams of superheroes that were so obviously fantastic characters of fiction." Quite possibly in some Freudian manner my drive for becoming an educator stems from my child obsession with super heroes. Regardless of my own self absorbed psychoanalysis these guys made me feel good that there are some people out there doing some good.
* Captain Prospect
* DC Guardian
* Justice
* Nice Ninja
* Puzzler
* Silverstreak
* Siren
* Spark
* Zoria
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