Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reply To MLK Holiday Anonymous Response

I have not posted lately due to prior comitmits but I could not let this person slide by without responding. I Am Not for The MLK Holiday blog post I recieved the following comments:

if you were conserderd your feeling for the MLK Holiday, theyre wouldnt be any holidays you fool! maybe you should take an American Lit class and learn a few things b4 you try and comment on facts and issues you do not know...the holiday is a step to cast light upon the struggle of blacks not to undermine! if there was no holiday then that would undermine even more!----with your opinion "Good luck with life" my advice to you is to think more an a broad level! see several points of view then examine them all chose one and also compare b4 you go writing blogs and sites =)

This what I have to say to Annonymous:
First I am not the one needing "American Lit" and I am not sure what sort of knowledge I would get from a class about authors of North America (Canada excluded) Second, I spend most of my time with kids that compose there sentences in the same manner as you. I admit that that my grammar skills are not the greatest but I can formulate a good sentence which I believe an American lit class could help. I am not for the holiday because it becomes an excuse or a hollow statement for something much powerful. School is out and for what??? Blacks are coming up short in every category which I have posted in that particular post. Time and time again kids that I have ran across are lost and the holiday is not helping, matter of fact I hear more kids blaming whites for their problems when they should look in the mirror. Yes racism and other discriminatory factors are in place BUT there are ways around this. Instead of shutting down the schools hold a black study vigil in his honor. Lets not march, instead lets bum rush the school board show up in numbers. Lets do a hostile take over in our community shut down the crabs that keep pulling us down. I am a fool??? No, I beg to differ for it is you that remains the blind sheep being lead to the slaughter. The struggle of blacks you say well visit a resource class or some other form of higher special education and you will find black youths falsely imprison a statistic training facility. You will find young kids of Kemet being pumped full of kiddie cocaine and pedagogical poison. I am God incarnate as is everyone that chooses intellectual light is. I have read your post and the actual truth you prove me right in the fact that MLK day is in vain by responding in some cryptic unintelligible language. What sort of education did you have? If we want to honor MLK or any other individual that gave their life's blood to the enrichment of my people then it should be done through education which if you gander at the statistics our kids are not.
In closing Anonymous I hope you seek Knowledge to Cipher because you are in a pit of snakes and do not realize it...

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