Sunday, May 25, 2008

End Of The School Year

I have completed another school year as the proverbial step child (substitute teacher). The problem with education is that the system wants a test to gage a child. Unfortunately the teacher is limited to what he/she can do. What happens is regurgitation. Basically if a child has a good attention span they can ace any exit exam. The teacher basically teaches the exit exam. The reason why this exam is important to the teacher is because their job depends on it... If the results are not there then that teacher will not be there the next year. No field trips or anything that stimulates the grey matter.
The last days of school I showed "The Great Debaters" and sadly I had to put the fear of me in the in order to get them to watch the movie.. Oh I had one class that could not tell me were Fisk University is...The sad thing we live in Nashville.

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