Tuesday, May 06, 2008

N Word & Double Standards

Couple years back a teacher was severely reprimanded for using the infamous "N" word. Paul Dawson, told student Keysean Chavers to sit down.Shortly afterwards somewhere in the exchange Nigga/Nigger was used towards the student. The problem is that Keysean is saying Paul initiated the exchange and Paul's story points the finger at the student. Me personally I am siding with the teacher on this one and I do believe he (Paul Dawson) should have been suspended for not thinking. What I find offensive is that they have a perverse slant on this story. That word is used frequently among black students including "honor students" without thought. When I have asked these kids how would you feel if someone white referred to them in this manner they informed me that they get upset and would inflict some type of bodily harm on that person. Again I wonder what happen to the black youth when they degrade each other without knowing. It appears that the progress that was made in the sixties has mslowed to a snail's crawl today. Do not refer to Obama as proof we are moving forward a politician is just that. Besides we just have to see how much he loves black when he is in the Oval Office. Parents teach your kids is all I am truly trying to stress...

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