Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama WTF!!!

Apparently Obama quit his church of 20 years because of another incident... Man, that is crazy if you ask me because that was the center of his spiritual self for 20 years. He surrender to a higher power called politics. I question anyone that attend a church or interact with the pastors in question for twenty years and not know anything. I throw the penalty flag on that one. You were find with them before you ran and now you get offended.... Obama will win but his action in the Oval Office may not be roses. I question anyone that gives up there faith to please others. Oh if anyone like to say something, first take a look at your twenty dollar bill and tell Hitler hello. President Jackson was a big contributor to the near extermination of the indigenous people.
I cannot say much else because it sickens me to see someone compromise friendship to get ahead. I know by his speech that he felt that he must leave in order to preserve the sanity of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago . All I have to say is.. Do not compromise to much because will loose your soul..

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