Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why 666

Before time as you know it was logged, beings existed in and out of this dimension. Worlds existed, planets were inhabited by intelligent, and not so intelligent beings, who all lived in their own times zones, based on their locations in this vast boundless Universes. Each place is in itself the place or origin of time, as in the word then, which becomes past and present simultaneously. These were agreeable and disagreeable beings. This was a system that was very similar to that presently on Earth, called the chain of existence that existed. Where as, stars burnt out, planets died, and beings had to seek residence in other star systems. Often times we re-developed new survival tactics, eating habits, and even genetic alterations and manipulations to make it possible for us to exist in environments unsuited for our biological existence. We often times had to alter environments, create climates and seasons. Often times, the survival of one being, meant the extinction of another.
(The Sacred Records of Neter: Aaferti Atum - Re)

I have already posted on this before but if I must do it again then I will.. My name means "man of victory" and 666 is obvious so just add 1 & 1.. I do not believe in the number or whatever interpretations someone can come up whether it is Nero or some unknown entity in the future. The symbolism is the important part for the mission of my blog.
I am tired of seeing people not think.... I am tired of seeing people bow down before technology without question.
My online store & which promotes a positive message repeatedly gets the middle finger... "Nah man to much money" or that it goes against their beliefs. What amazes me is that they are wearing the latest fashion ie $100+ athletic attire or some other over priced lounge wear. They also complain that they can not afford it because thier child's phone bill is to high or that they just got them the latest PSIII gamne.
666 is what I am trying to get people to see.. To many choose to lay in the bosom of Lazarus.. I am trying to to awaken the masses.

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