Sunday, February 22, 2009


Now the NAACP calls for firing the of N.Y. Post cartoonist.. The NAACP is showing its irrelevance.. Currently the state of Black AmeriKKKa is not in good shape and Obama "making it" has not miraculously healed those problems. AIDS (sex education), Education, Housing Crash, INcarceration & Homicide should be on the top of the list. Ironically this has plagued Black America for a long time and I have not heard a squeak from anyone. I have an idea lets fire those pimps in priestly garb and start our own form of marshal law in the community. I bet every dime that if Bush was in the White House everyone would agree that the 'toon hit the mark.. I guess using the word 'toon is taboo as well..
I have a brilliant idea, lets ask OBAMA what he thinks....

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