Monday, February 09, 2009

What Am I

The other day I heard a young woman of African heritage proclaim in a loud voice that she is not African/Afro american... She stated that she is an American and decided to add the biggest confusion that she should be referred to as Irish American since here other ancestors came from Ireland... She was serious. I must be honest and state that I do not see myself as an american, be it Afro, African or what ever the powers may be want to label. I am a person behind enemy lines.... Obama's election may not add up to much as long as parenting skills remain low among some people as I saw today when a mother told her child to act right or she will beat here ass.... The child is three and the mother added some more explenitives. This is not an isolated incident.
I avoid labels as much as possible and do not embrace the devil (whatever costume or color)
Black month or ancestor month is not a time of marching and singing.. We need to revolt and take back our schools and universities and proclaim "I AM"

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