Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Aint No Punk but I Got My Ass Kicked by a GIRL

Yeah you heard right I got my be-hind handed to me like a side of mash potatoes by a member of the opposite sex.... I can explain this was no ordinary female, she was a borderline amazon... Oh did I mention my beat down took place at my Jujitsu class.
Anyway my instructor ask if I mind sparing and me with all my bravado said naaaah. I was paired with two different gentleman one about my size whom I held my own although he still got the best of me. The second was a former airborne G.I. Joe type and he played with me as if I was the victim in a prison rape scene non the less I did ok not great but ok. Then came Xenas nubian sister, I aint going to lie I thought I had this one in the bag until I realize my head and neck were going into to different direction while my lower half was doing some sort of spastic dance.
I asked her how long she been doing this and she replied three years and with that demon gleam in her eye an inner bitch in me that I did not know I had came out. I literally got beaten from pillar to post, I almost punched her but realize my health care probably would not cover what she could have done to me. Any way my sensei yelled time and I thought thank god this over but noooo he looked at me and said you to again.... Damn!!!! Damn!!! Round two and seven minutes later I was feeling like beat down prostitute. Time!!! Came out of the blue and I laid there saying to myself if he pairs us back up my wife will have one hell of a health insurance payment. He did not and told every one good job. Wonder Woman helped me up and told me I did good for my first time sparring (actually it was my second time but it was four months ago)
I licked my wounds and thought of my little brother laughing at me.
I am not ashame to admit that I did get my tail handed to me but well..... Ok I have nothing to say so laugh but I tell you she was not human.

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