Thursday, August 23, 2007

Man Put Toddler In Dryer:

Yeah you heard right... The sorry devil pictured above admit he did it, I am so ticked I cannot think straight. Here is the story as reported on the website
27-year-old Bobby Lynn Curtis of Lumberton, Texas can't understand what landed him in jail facing what could be a lifetime behind bars.
The Mauriceville native lived in this house in Lumberton with his girlfriend of one year, with her six year old son and her two year old daughter, and their 12 week old baby girl.

"I haven't been the perfect boyfriend to K.C., and with her children, but I've never laid my hands on them ever," said Curtis.

That was until this past Sunday when Curtis' girlfriend was not home, and he was trying to bathe her daughter.

"She don't like to get her hair wet or her face. I pushed the issue of washing her hair and she kept hollering. I kept getting madder and madder," said Curtis.

Curtis told police that's when he took the girl and put her in to a clothes dryer that was already running and hot.

He says he kept her there for about five seconds before taking her out.

Although the girl suffered burns to her arms, Curtis did not initially tell anyone what he did.

Curtis said, "I was too scared to say anything, hoping as young as she was it would be something she'd forget about and not remember."

But the girl remembered, and told her mother the next morning who contacted police.
You know if that was my mom he would be dead and if that child was my niece or my daughter he would be dead or damn near close... Lets just say Pulp Fiction with a broomstick.
I do not get it, honestly... Yeah he apologize but that still does not make it right. Someone should throw him in a cage with a couple of UFC fighters and let them beat the dog snot out of him. Then put him in jail and have someone there on a daily basis beat him... OH for those that want to take pity on him cry me a river. When an adult harms a child in that matter they forfeit any proof that have a sense of humanity and pain is what they should receive.

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