Thursday, August 23, 2007

Playing War

I have just got back from playing weekend warrior for the air force... Yeah you heard right I am attached to the military and I know. It was some "bs"!!!! First it was in Florida at the worst time of the month, second it was a joke and third I got to know what it is like to have your system nearly shut down due to stupidity. Fourth I never went and no one filled me in on what to expect.
Everyone was telling me that it was going to be some Apocalypse Now type stuff and I was hyped and a little nervous. Turns out damn near everyone had cell phones, computers or some sort electronics and we stayed in some hut without ac (oh the humanity) Anyway I spent the first four days learning that no one really cooks they just take some stuff that was packaged like an "mre" (meals ready to eat) and toss it in some hot water while vegetables while still in the can was placed in along side whatever the food that is being heated up at that time.
What killed me was the big war game, they woke us up at 5 am and loaded us on a bus. Dropped us off right down from the huts after circling about twenty times in an attempt to confuse us. Then came the time for us to set up our station and the trick was we had to wear our chemical suits, imagine a five pound parka with a gas mask in 100 degree heat and the kicker is that they wanted us to continue setting up. 45 minutes later we were able to take off the hell suit and I was done. Started to hallucinate and wanted to talk to an Imam that was not there. I went to the tent with ac in order to get my bearings straight but a chaplain assistant was there and man can they chatter. I almost told him I was satanist and was upset that I missed the right of passage ritual for my kids were we bath in goats blood and drink goats seaman mixed with minstrel blood. Instead I dragged my carcass from the table and tried some Gatorade and someone added some sugar "wtf" and then I smelled that stuff they called food... It was all over I ran somewhere private and hurled, right when I was about to go down for the count lightning went shot across the sky and everything went dark. From no where a storm hit, man I thought that I was playing a role in the bible. Anyway that helping hand from the Big Kahuna allowed me some time to get my bearings straight.
My beef is that if we were in the desert and was hit by some chemicals were screwed... The desert has no water and if we were in a contaminated area then we are screwed and setting up a tent is not going to help because we can not use it. 45 minutes we would be praying for some higher power to end the suffering.
After the day was over and spending practically a week in heat they put us up in air conditioning tents that threw my core temp off. I got sick and here I am still spitting out phlegm.
Damn.... I could have been home doing something constructive with my life...

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