Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dog The Bounty Hunter

OK, here we go again another white person that just cannot keep quiet. His apology is much more eloquent.
Now Roy Innis wants his show pulled. Roy conjures up images of brawls on Geraldo and The Morton Downey Jr. Show. Thank the Lord that it is not Al or Jackson.
Again the whole role model thing is being put out there and you know I throw the "bs" flag.
I am more concern about HBCs and the dire straights that some are in. The young black boys that are being misdiagnose and place in special education.
Dog's conversation was in private and I am not justifying his words but he is far from a role model.
How about the professional athletes that fall short on giving back to the dilapidated neighborhoods they came from. These professionals that kids look up to whom fall short on giving back.
Back to Dog, what do you expect with a name like Dog a spade is a spade and what is his job. Mark Fuhrman ring a bell.
Until we can truly resurrect the walking dead that walk the inner city nothing will ever be accomplish. The key is to overstand and gain knowledge of self.
Other wise we will just sit around and complain about ignorant bigots that do not matter in the greater scheme of things.

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