Wednesday, November 21, 2007


America nuzzled itself in the bosom of Thanksgiving because a majority of the population has been seduced into believing a lie. What is so important about a holiday that is fueled by mythology and hides the fact the ones that came here were not interested in brotherly love. A few days before this alleged
feast took place, a company of 'pilgrims' led by Miles Standish actively
sought the head of a local Indian leader, and an 11 foot high wall was
erected around the entire Plymouth settlement for the very purpose of
keeping the Original people of this continent out.
Our kids are taught to identify with the good fortune of the Pilgrims. Which that alone narrow the population of people that can truly identify. The fact that the matter that the Indigenous American nation and African holocausts flowed from the feast at Plymouth are removed from our children’s school books.
I do not recall any Africans with the pilgrims. Every year I witness the appalling ritual of black folks giving thanks to a God that was given to them through the assimilation of slavery.
This turkey day lets recite

Ras Kass "Nature of the Threat":

Stealing land from the indigenous natives

Gave them alcohol to keep the Red (and Brown Man) intoxicated

Whites claim they had to civilize these pagan animals,

But up until 1848 there's documented cases

of whites being the savage cannibals, eating Indians

In 1992, it's Jeffery Dahmer

They slaughtered a whole race with guns

Drugs, priests and nuns

1763, the first demonic tactic of biological warfare

As tokens of peace, Sir Jeffery Amherst

passed out clothing and blankets to the Indian community

Infested with small pox, knowing they had no immunity

Today it's AIDS, you best believe it's man made

Cause ain't a damn thing changed

Eat and be merry but remember you're fattening yourselves up for the devil that will feast upon your bloated soul...

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