Monday, November 26, 2007

Substitute Teaching

I have always wonder why substitute sounded similar to prostutute for a long time.That is until today. I unwittingly took over a class that resembles Sweathogs on crack. In welcome back Carter you only see one class. 7 hours I spend trying to teach the uncivilize to understand the importance of grammar. God, I felt like a missionary only diference is that I am not attempting to Christianise them.
It is hard to help people swim when they prefer to drown.
Now my neck muscles are so tight that I am afraid that if I turn my head there would be damage to my spinal column.
No child left behind is a joke. Give Bush an A for appearing to care. It leaves so many that do not want to learn occupying my time. Am I reconsidering my interest in teaching?
Not sure just feel like a prostitute because I am doing the same work as a regular teacher but at fraction of the cost.
Like a kiss or a phone call.

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MKuehler said...

Ouch. When a substitute is there, kids think that is okay to do nothing. I know how you feel but I hope that you have some good days too.