Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nashville Schools

Recently the Nashville's newspaper the Tennessean stated the 65% of the students are living below the poverty level and the numbers will not stop going up.
It does not suprise me because with poverty breeds dispair and unfortunately that gives rise to ignorance or better know as kids misbehaving. The parents that have the resources do not want their child education to suffer and choose private schools. I have been in the matrix of the school system less than a year and I have seen poor folks of many races bully the kids that have things going for them. Sadly I have seen some of the smartest kids from poor enviroments choose ignorance because it is cool..
Until the lost children gain knowledge of self they will never gain wisdom nor be able to see the liberty understanding brings them through Culture/Freedom which empowers and refine.
Until then equality or the true understanding of the Almighty will hinder them. What is left is destruction of a temple that could have been built to radiate Gods wonders.
Until then then they will never truly manifest themselves through the birth canal of knowledge. The cipher remains void.
Only when we address these issues will we have the kids have hope.

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