Saturday, January 19, 2008


The man above (Matthew Higa, 23) threw a child onto the freeway in Honolulu Hawaii from a pedestrian overpass on Thursday. The details of this crime is crazy and shortly after his arrest he told local KITV "thanks for everything".
Matthew has traffic warrants and an arrest warrant for fourth-degree theft and believe to be a possible driver in a three-car race that led to a fatal crash in August 2004.
Besides that nothing which could point to his monstrous behavior. I am not excusing it and you know I am not for the death penalty.. Just torture that mirrors Hellraiser. The bleeding hearts out their that believe he needs some counseling well imagine if that child was yours. Matthew lost his membership to the human species when he did this. This why I could not be a cop because Matt would have been sodomize with a stun gun and water.
I pray there is punishment in the afterlife because he deserves to burn.

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