Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Kwanzaa is a week-long festival celebrated African-American heritage.It is observed from December 26 to January 1 each year. I am not a supporter for it because it seems like reaching for something. On the flip side it could counter the disease that has infected the community.
The holiday was created by activist Karenga in response to the lack of a holiday that centers on the African American community.
The motivation for this post is the ignorant people that have been writing negative comments about this holiday.
When I ran across words that state this is a racist holiday then I question what is the 4th of July. It did not include blacks and everyone wants to be a stereotypical drunk Irish one day out of the year with no complaints.
There are Christians that claim it goes against their values and it is blasphemy. Also some state that it is not a true African holiday. In response to this I suggest Christians look at the pictures on my page and think real hard. Oh and look up the religion about Mithra. About it not being a true African holiday.... Who declares a holiday legit? Certain family members birthdays I consider a holiday and I wonder if anyone will tell me I am wrong for celebrating them as such.
There is so much insanity in the community that if this help off set any of it I am glad.
If you look into a crack house you will find people looking for an escape and some are twitching and talking in tongues. No different from a traditional church just look at the folks that give their life savings to the man in the pulpit.
For those that celebrate this fine so be it and those that are against it in one of those ignorant ways that I mention get a life.
AS noted earlier I do not celebrate Kwanzaa because it does not speak to me but I respect those that do.

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