Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State Of The UNion

Last night Bush decided to point to the fact that Black and Hispanic children test scores is the highest in recent years do to the No Child Left Behind. This confirms that he is not clean and sober.
Department of Education data found that nationwide Black students were 2.9 times more likely than Whites to be identified as having mental retardation. They were 1.9 times more likely to be identified with an emotional disturbance and 1.3 times more likely to be identified with a specific learning disability.
Once you are under Title VI rule then test scores does not matter. The student gets a special Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) which means test scores does not matter.. They are given a free ride (moved forward) until the eleventh grade. After the eleventh they must take the Exit exam which by this time they are far behind. Although in TN if a child is under the special education umbrella they have a life line til the age of 21. Most severe the umbilical chord early.
The other day I was in a school and it was like a Timothy Leary nightmare. The school was never fitted for the 21st century and the curse words just echoed in the hallway... Suck my___!!! Yo momma is a ______!!!! He Nigga/er f_____ yo motha!!! and so on. Oh and this was middle school (5-8)... My class was no different, there is no campus security I could not throw the kids out. God knows what they may do. What got me is that I ran across kids that did not know what the Emancipation Proclamation is. They were on the Revolutionary War and could not tell me who Crispus Attucks was... Oh this is a eighth grade class. The teachers (most) were on the cusp of PTS disorder no life or hope in their eyes. Lunch time was even nuttier, there is no campus security just a cop collecting a check that is never around. Lunch plays out as such the teachers drop the kids off in this war torn eating facility and bolts leaving the janitor alone with forty plus rhythmic bursting (FRB) neurons... While another batch are lined up against the wall waiting to be picked up and before you know it a fight breaks out and I become the bad guy.... There is one kid that I remember from a another school and the odd thing is that he was a grade lower at the other school. This kid is 14/15 in the seventh grade at one school and this school moved him up to the eigth... The scary thing is my nephew in the first grade could beat him in a debate.. Good kid just rolled snake eyes on parents. I did have two classes that were normal and talked about kid things but I did have on kid tell me he aspires to be a strip club owner.. Then another child proceeded to tell about the strip clubs here in town and what they advertise... Eighth grad..... There were some shining stars, about 12 out of the 80 I had...
I have just one thing to say..."George put down the PIPE"

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