Thursday, January 03, 2008


I like professional wrestling but it is a love hate sort of thing. I have recently discovered TNA wrestling and not much has changed. People of color are not put in championship gold but what really tics me off is how they are treating the new phenom of this style of entertainment is appalling. Kia Stevens aka Awesome Kong has been put in the role of primal creature and the nemesis of the celestial pearl Gail Kim. Kia is 5'10" 274 dark and Kim is 5'4" 124 needless to say we can see the angle of this story.
For me I dig Kia because I very seldom feel sad for a person. Kia to me is what is wrong with our folks in that we are quick to compromise ourselves for a dollar. I admit that it is hard for someone of her (Kia) stature to manoeuvre through the traditional avenue of employment due to the standards place on a persons appearance. I also respect Kim because she is not afraid to chip a nail and the fact she started out wrestling in a mask prove she did not initially start off in the business through "t&a". Back to Ms.Stevens I would like to here her speak and have her angle changed but that will never happen.
I will continue to watch this form of entertainment because it does give you a peak into the American psyche and besides I may see another Rock(I know of his racial background) or Tony Atlas whom gave me a little hope.

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