Friday, July 13, 2007

Hip Hop Harry -The Next Step in Kids Entertainment

Who is Hip Hop Harry??? I thought the same thing at 8 in the morning while channel surfing. To my suprise Harry took my mind off my original post today "autism government cover up"
After Backyardigans I thought nothing could top that and to be honest Harry does not top it but acts as the next step for kids developing.
Who is this rapping bear, is he some stereotyp that perpetuate the negative image of blacks? Nah, he is actually on point. I have found myself glued to the website with my little girl rapping "I love to learn" and right now I am listening to it.
If you get a chance surf TLC and Discovery Kids website to see when Harry will come on or to your town.
In case anyone wonders what some of the professionals think of this rapping fur ball check out
I will close with further evidence that Harry is a much better candidate for your kids than a lot of the crap out there now. To put to rest how great of a pain that purple pest is watch the video.>

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