Monday, July 02, 2007

Tune in Turn Out

I just do not get it, what is the purpose of having the i-phone. If your job does not require you to stay on the road 60% of the time then what is the point. The only conclusion that I got is that it is an attempt to pacify the masses. Take their minds off the real problems of the day. Tune in turn out has taken on a whole new meaning these days and unfortunately people love being pumped full of materialistic candy only to develop modified form of diabetes that affects the wallet.
Customers have been complaining from people who waited months to buy an iPhone are experiencing problems activating it. Although AT&T stated the the problem has been fixed and they attribute the technical difficulties to overloaded servers as large number of customers tried to activate their phones. Another crazy thing is that they are so bogged down that had to wait up to two days after activation for their phones to be usable.
If people can get this motivated then think of the impact if they gather collectively at Uncle Sam's door demanding answers for a war without merit or the blind when a city is under water or the citizens are dying.
The diamonds millions of people by for love and a status of wealth are acting as accomplices in the rape of Africa(
In closing last week I watch what was billed as the "All-American Presidential Forum" on PBS. The democrats were there since it was hosted by the brilliant Tavis Smiley but the ever so color shy Republicans have failed to go into the lions den. If there is to be real picture we need to have WWE approach to a political debate. A battle royal, put the top picks on stage and let them go at it. I am tired of Obama trying to court the black vote because is a second generation immigrant that have achieved the American dream. Not some descendant of slaves (people in this case black folk that came here not by choice) When we see a child of American slavery make it to the White House then we can say progress has been made.
If people call Bill the first black president then Bush is our first ghetto president. He is gang banger and a pimp. In theory you can only go so far down before you bottom out but we' ll see.

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