Thursday, July 26, 2007


The other day I was watching the new A & E Mad Men and realize the black experience of the past is missing on tv. It seems that when the "Great Depression" is referred to I see soup lines filled with destitute whites. The various documentaries make it seem that everyone was in the same boat. In fact they got the experience of being non white. I remember my great grandmother telling me about the depression as being another day because being black back in those days was two steps from being back on the plantation. Between Jim Crow and the Klan it was another day. A Slight mention of Marcus Garvey would be nice.....
When the fifties are mention it is talked about in terms of the suburb exodus or the Leave it To Beaver era, again were are the black folk... Back of the history bus. I am sure some people did have a nice upbringing but not being able to go anywhere is a big statement. Malcolm X anyone he was around in the fifties
Oh and I am tired of Elvis, one of the greatest innovators of music was Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy to name a few. If you want to mention rock and roll Chuck Berry or Little Richard comes to mind.
Anyway the good ol' 60's I am tired of seeing naked dirty drugged up white people on every special. Can I get Huey, yeah I know that Martin was around but there were other things going on. I want to get a tangible image.
History is still being written by a select few and it is important for everyone to know the past in order to prevent the few who run the world place us in a proverbeal gladiatorial combat. As they do with immigration, Mexicans are descendants of the original people that were here on the Americas here so by default this is their land.

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